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Who We Are

                   Heidi SullivanDirec

                                             Director of Onboarding



Heidi is the newest Partner at Prairie Fire, and the one with the most energy!  She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our organization.  Prior to joining Prairie Fire, Heidi was the senior accountant for a large, multi-national general contractor.  

Leveraging her broad experiences, Heidi is responsible for the onboarding of all new clients.  Prairie Fire uses the onboarding process as an opportunity to become intimately familiar with the operations of each new client.  This ensures a smooth transition and no interruptions of the clients operations.  


From simple bookkeeping to financial reporting and cash management, Heidi is focused on the daily needs of our clients.  Heidi brings years of experience as an expert user of QuickBooks, QuickBooks Online, Sage 100 Contractor and several other accounting software packages.

Heidi put in way too much time as a car hop at Sonic, and now returns on occasion to reminisce with her husband, teenage son and two precocious daughters.  While she grew up in the "Dotte", Heidi has now crossed the state line and calls KCMO home.




                 Mark O'ffill

                                        Founding Partner

Mark has nearly 27 years of financial management experience and 17 years of venture capital experience.  He has been involved in investments in the information technology, real estate development and entertainment industries.  From due-diligence, management evaluation and financial planning to funding structure and daily management, Mark has developed and sharpened his abilities to contribute throughout the entity’s entire lifecycle.  For the past seventeen years, Mark has been helping small to medium sized companies by serving as their outsourced CFO and a management adviser. 


Mark’s management experience includes serving as the General Manager of a regional steel fabrication company and the President of an Internet software company.  After playing a principal financial-advisory role in a twelve million dollar merger in the wastewater industry in 1996, he found a passion for writing, reviewing and advising clients regarding contracts.  He has led the organization or reorganization of several hundred companies. 


After six years in the United States Navy and an Honorable discharge, Mark returned to the University of Kansas, majoring in Accounting and earning his BSB.  Mark has been a rough-in carpenter and a fast-food cook. He prefers his steaks medium-well and his baked potatoes loaded.  Mark is a life-long resident of Overland Park, Kansas.

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